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12 - The Oakville Beaver Weekend, Saturday October 15, 2005

Funky Thai brings the best of Pan Asian cuisine to Oakville

      Tonight is the perfect time to treat yourself to something new, something special and something you’ll be sure to remember long after the evening is at an end. Though new to the area, the taste sensations offered by Funky Thai of Oakville are sure to make this lunch and dinner hotspot your dining destination of choice. A pleasing fusion of Thai and Vietnamese foods and cooking styles, Funky Thai has everything you need to bring your day to life. From the perfect foods to the unique atmosphere of peace and goodwill, Funky Thai truly is a destination to be explored and enjoyed. Having already been called “One of Oakville’s best kept secrets” by satisfied customers, Funky Thai boasts a staff and pedigree that is truly a cut above the rest. With an executive chef behind each meal who possesses over 20 years of practical experience.

     Funky Thai can present to you a true variety of exciting menu selections, and all with a Pan Asian flare. Quality, quantity and exquisite value on all dishes have already helped to set Funky Thai apart. With a semi up-scale dining environment, great ambiance, and an easy flow of energy, every visit will provide something new and fresh to enjoy. Thai and Vietnamese meals are usually served all at once as a single taste experience, and will include a wide and diverse combination of flavors, spices and fresh ingredients that combine good health with great dinning. Dinner may begin with golden crispy spring rolls, calamari, or even the delicious shrimp chips. Jasmine and coconut rice are sure to complement any selection, as will the offerings of lemongrass and hot & sour soups. Mango, papaya, chicken and beef salads are sure to tempt you, even as pad thai and spicy noodle dishes prepare you for what is to come. Shrimp in red curry sauce, ginger chicken, beef in oyster sauce, Vietnamese fresh cold rolls, and even Vietnamese vermicelli ensure that you’ll never see dinner quite the same way again. With deserts such as fried banana, sticky rice and mango, and even tropical ice creams there is sure to be something to tempt every palette. With vegetarian platters also available, everyone can take part and enjoy what Funky Thai has to offer. But this is just the beginning. With an affordable and extensive lunch menu, now any time is perfect to experience Funky Thai. Rice with chicken, vegetables, beef and even noodles will make every day a pleasure, while Funky Thai’s home delivery service will allow you to share a taste of excellence at home with friends.

      For a taste of exotic excellence that will brighten every day with a taste and style to savor, try Funky Thai today. Located at 2383 Dundas St. W. in Oakville, Funky Thai is open from 11:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Monday to Thursday, 11 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. on Friday and Saturday from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m. Delivery is available from 5 p.m. until 30 minutes before close Monday to Saturday. Funky Thai can be reached by phone at 905-827-1068. For more information, visit them online at And keep a close watch! With ever growing customer demands, new extended hours and an upcoming menu are both on way at the end of the month. Refer to the website for the latest, the best, and the most intriguing options available from Funky Thai.





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Write Up From Tuesday Tasters Website

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Dinner at the Funky Thai

     What a great time we had! I can't believe that we all arrived around the same time - this usually never happens, but somehow we did - never to happen again, I'm sure!. The dinner was great! Nathalie (as usual) knew the most about the food we were eating, and could pronounce the types of dishes quite well. Patti, on the other hand, could not and had us all in stitches with her pronunciation of "Shitake Mushroom". Use your imagination!!! Hee! Hee! The ginger beef was so hot and spicy that we ended up draining our water glasses about four times and then you know where we ended up three or four times! All of us except Patti, that is - she put us all to shame and stuck to her diet, eating the veggie dish only. So when you take a look at the pictures please note that Patti is the skinny one of the four of us, but don't you think that Nathalie, Janice and I look happier (except for the flames shooting out of our mouths because of the ginger beef)? We could have posed for a picture to go on the wall as fire dragons,but instead we all had our pictures taken rubbing the belly of the laughing Buddha. No wonder he's laughing! Four great looking girls like us (stop laughing right now!) rubbing his belly. If I refer to myself as the laughing Leslie do you think I could get four good looking guys to rub my belly? Actually, that could happen as I hear that rubbing this fellow's belly as we did, brings us good luck. I would consider myself lucky if I had one good looking fellow to rub my belly - oh wait! I have that - my husband isn't too shabby and I think he would rub my belly anytime I asked. Anyway, I'm getting a little off topic (do you think???) We all decided not to have desert, but it was very, very, very, very difficult. Patti kept us on the straight and narrow - that's how she stays so narrow! Hee! Hee! Of course Janice had to have her picture taken with the gold cat. She's not camera shy at all, although I'm sure I could have been in the picture too, but guess where I was? Think back to the drinking of the water. So it is my turn to choose a restaurant that starts with "G". I would love to come up with something different, but bottom line, it has to have good deserts because I'm not passing up on desert the next time Patti!!!! Can't wait!
Taster Leslie




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